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The core of your presentation can't ever be your PowerPoint, Prezi our Keynote. It's you.We've all seen them. Presenters looking at their screens, reading everything out loud the audience can read by themselves. And in most cases these presentations lack a real passion for the subject. And we all know that selling an idea without passion won't sell anything at all!So why do we use digital presentations?

The evolution of mankind makes it possible to accomplish so much with our own body. We have a voice to transfer a message to other people. We have a body to reinforce this message. We have eyes to really connect with the receiver of the message. We have everything we need to communicate! BUT.. This doesn't mean we shouldn't improve our communication skills. When you are presenting you are sending a message but, even more important, you are trying to get your audience to receive this message the way you want them to. This is where the senses of the receiver come in play:

  • He hears the message and its intonation;
  • he sees the body language;
  • he feels he's in contact with the sender.

Now the digital presentation joins the show. It's role is to reinforce the message of the presenter with things the presenter can't do with it's own body: visualizing the message the presenter is sending which makes it even clearer. The combination of the spoken message, combined with the digital visuals, prevents the message from getting misunderstood.

"You are not the supplement of your presentation,
your presentation is the reinforcement of your message."