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You stand a little bit longer in front of the mirror. You check your outfit which you’ve chosen with the idea that she has to look at it all night. Does it look casual, sporty or is this shirt just ‘too much’? In combination with this jacket you can’t go wrong. Before you leave the house you check your pockets for the essentials: Keys? Check! Phone? Check! Money? Check! Gum? Fresh breath? Double check! A little bit excited you step in your car to pick her up. Just before she opens the door you look at yourself in the reflection of that little window in her front door. How do I come across? Is this too tensed? Relax! Yes, smile a bit.. No! Now you’re just grinning! Just, at ease.. Yes! That’s it!

After the somewhat uncomfortable first encounter you break the ice with a nice comment on her dress. That helped! You proceed in a nice and relaxed way, but not too relaxed. You stay focused. You listen carefully to her stories and you make sure that the things you say sound right to her. You feel that she is on the same page as you and time flies by. You are both making an effort to link the stories and anecdotes to create a total image of your companion. With every course the night becomes more fun and relaxed. Sometimes you surprise her with an unexpected twist in conversation. She giggles at your personal imperfections and she is moved when you tell her about things that didn’t go so well in your life. Every new bit of information you get fills in the context and the empty canvas from the beginning of the evening starts to become a very beautiful and interesting painting.

The end of the date approaches and you subtly draw the conversation to an end. You escort her back to her front door and before you say goodbye you thank her for this pleasant evening and you place a witty comment which leaves her shutting the door with a smile on her face. That night she can’ t get you out of her mind and the stories you’ve shared keep on popping in her head. And tomorrow? Tomorrow she will call her best friend to share every detail of the date she has had with you and she will wait. Wait until she hears from you again!